PDO Thread Training Course in London – Beginners

You will learn how to perform the most commonly sought after Polydioxanone Thread procedures on live models under expert supervision.

✔ Face

  • Lift and Tighten the whole face and neck
  • Lift the Brows
  • Volumise Cheeks/Lips/Jaws/Jowls/Nasolabial and Marionette Lines

✔ Threads

Mono, Screw and Twist Threads.

✔ Training Course Date

  • Date: 19th January 2021
  • Level: Beginners
  • Location: London
  • Duration: 1 day

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PDO Training

Course Outline

  • Brief history and concepts of PDO threads.
  • Facial ageing.
  • Facial evaluation for the insertion of threads.
  • Approach to facial rejuvenation techniques.
  • Thread type for each indication.
  • Review of facial anatomy with emphasis on the procedure of threads.
  • Facial analysis for the use of threads.
  • Danger zones when inserting PDO threads.
  • Indications and contraindications for uses of Polydioxanone threads.
  • Instruments used during the procedure.
  • Principle of thread lifting.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of using PDO threads for lifting and de-sustainability.
  • Guidelines for patients.
  • Monitoring of clinical cases.
  • Preparing clients for placement of PDO threads.
  • Post-procedural care and treatment of feasible complications.
  • Photographic record, monitoring and evolution of treatment.
  • Complementary aesthetic techniques after the procedure.
  • Publicity guidelines.
PDO Thread Course London

Theory + Hands-on Training

*You should bring your own model or volunteer to be a model.